Presidential Occupations

To date we have had 44 Presidents in our United States. And all 44 of them had occupations prior to their election to our nation’s highest office. In fact, when the rest of the world looks upon America and her Presidents, they usually see a Commander In Chief who has led a successful life full of a whole plethora of different occupations.

Thirty one of our Presidents have served in the military, and 13 have not. Sixteen of them served as governors of either a state or of a territory. Fourteen Vice Presidents have become President of our country with 17 Presidents having served in the Senate as well. Over half of the 44 were lawyers and less than 10 of them were teachers. Our Presidents have brought their diverse and active lives with them into the oval office. The vast majority of our Presidents have been family men and as of late, it seems that being a dog owner is nearly required.

We have had postmasters, tailors, tax collectors, sheriffs, mayors, ranchers, judges, engineers, farmers, haberdashers, journalists, actors, CEOs, diplomats, surveyors, inventors, architects, writers, newspaper editors, professors and lecturers. Oh, yes and one community organizer.


2 comments on “Presidential Occupations

  1. But sir, what does a community organizer do? Do they fight to protect our country? Do they create a product or produce jobs? Do they teach or inform? Do they work to undermine to basic concepts and freedoms that make America great? OH! That’s it!!

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