Health Rationing in our Future?

This is an eye opening article from the Los Angeles Times. Health rationing is probably the scariest issue associated with socialized medicine. Around the world many other countries are doing it right now as we speak. Even our own state of Oregon has a rationing body.

“To our knowledge, the Oregon Health Plan is the first government health care program anywhere in the world that has drawn up a formal procedure for rationing. After comment from interested parties, this state health program for low-income people ranks treatment for various diseases and conditions, currently from 1 to 680, in order of priority. The health care dollars available determine which priorities are met. As program costs have grown, the list of covered procedures has become shorter.

Reordering Priorities. Surprisingly, between 2002 and 2009 there was a fairly radical reordering of the plain language priorities. A great many life-saving procedures that ranked high in 2002 have been relegated to a much lower position in 2009, while procedures that are only tangentially related to life and death have climbed to the top. (While extensive code lists define actual treatment, most people must rely on the plain language to judge list adequacy.)

For example, medical treatment for Type I diabetes, which ranked second in 2002, was demoted to 10th place in 2009. Oddly, given that not providing treatment for Type I diabetes is a death sentence, it has been placed behind spending on smoking cessation, sterilization and drug abuse treatment. And this is not an isolated case.”

This article goes on to talk more about Oregon’s health care rationing. Even saying that the Bush administration was correct to deny Oregon the ability to alter their Medicaid program to reflect their new health procedure ranking system.

“It was rationing by recipe. Regardless of almost any other variable concerning one’s health status, reimbursement was based on whether or not a given procedure was on or off an approved list Human beings are not, of course, so readily classified. That’s why triage decisions take into account holistic judgments about individuals. By following blindly the Oregon norms, any number of absurd outcomes were bound to result.

That is exactly what happened when Oregon tried to implement its program three years ago. A twelve-year-old boy with leukemia was denied a potentially life-saving bone marrow transplant bone marrow transplant. At the same time, patients near the end of their lives were receiving nonessential care because those procedures were on the list.”

And lastly, here is the article that shows how Obama feels about end of life care:,0,213990.story

Obama is frantically trying to get his health care reform passed by this August. Why? Where is the rush? Why can we not have debate on an issue this large? I will tell you why. He knows that if the American public wakes up and examines what he wants to do, he will not be able to get it passed. Wake up, America.


7 comments on “Health Rationing in our Future?

  1. I saw your interview on the Liberty Pen, so I decided to pay a visit.

    Thanks for this post. I was unaware of the system in Oregon. The first thing that I think of is that since there is a rationing system, and it is set up politically, the group with the loudest advocacy group will drive their cause to the top of the list. If you have another condition…well, it seems you should get your affairs in order.

    I agree with your assessment regarding the “messiah’s” urgency in passing the plan. We are already aware that he’s lying about the single payor plan. That is the long term intent. They just want to achieve it incrementally. The longer the legislation hangs out there, the more people will figure it out, decreasing the probability that it will be passed at all.

    Thanks for the information, and if you like, visit my place at the Conservative Hideout.

      • Yeah, I know what you mean. I’ve literally been having nightmares regarding all of the messiah’s plans.

        Thanks for the compliment, and I’ll add you to my blogroll.

  2. Found you in the comments over at Matt’s. Nice presentation on Obamacare.

    I raised the same “Perhaps she should just take the pill” point with a quibbling fool who stopped by today to bitch about my ABC/Obama propaganda post from last week.

    In the words of Ahnold, “I’ll be back.”

  3. As always a great post, keep up the good work and bring this information to light. The more we educate the less myopic the people-at-large will be. A huge task to be sure, but extremely necessary.

    BTW, I am glad people are gravitating to your site. If people see what I see they too will appreciate the writer and his work. Deference should be afforded.

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