Obama Unveils 2010 Government Motors Models

In a recent announcement today from the White House, and in an effort to help replace all the cars that the Cash for Clunkers program will remove from America’s roadways, President Obama unveiled some new 2010 models, saying, “Let me be clear. These automobiles will be affordable and available to those who cannot afford to take advantage of the Cash for Clunkers rebate program. They have new, greener accessories and inventive ways of getting more out of your vehicle.”

This move comes as the White House is coming under fire for bungling the Cash for Clunkers program. Many say that the Government cannot “manage a free lunch!” and wonder why Americans should turn over their health care to them. In an effort to address concerns that the Obama administration is out of touch, they scrambled to reveal to the public the new 2010 G(overnment)M(otors) models.

White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs was quoted as saying, “I think the new 2010 models are fantastic!” But when pressed as to whether he was going to purchase one himself, Gibbs tried to change the subject by offering to buy one for veteran White House Press Corps member, Helen Thomas.

Thomas, who had fallen asleep was unavailable for comment.

Batteries not included.

The new “green” way to light your car…





Side impact airbags? A needless expense with this new armor plating…




Cough, cough!!

This “green” method eliminates the need for a heater by directing the engine exhaust up to the window for a defroster. (Gas mask sold separately)




Actual use may vary.

No spare tire? No need with the new environmentally friendly ultra temporary spare…




I installed it myself!

Eliminating the need for expensive body shops, the Government will now offer used parts, like this snazzy new door for you truck…




You hardly notice the flapping noise!

By getting rid of excess weight, like fenders, bumpers, hoods and headlights, the new Government models get awesome mileage!!


12 comments on “Obama Unveils 2010 Government Motors Models

  1. Awesome punkage.
    BTW, stop by–I’ve got a hyperverse participation post up that you should like–just go to IMAO and do what I, and hopefully others, have done.

    • I have always been the class clown, I just also have cerebral side to me, and as the libs on blog catalog are finding out I give as good as I get.

  2. I LOVE IT! Let’s crash one of these clunkers into the White House lawn. Oh wait. We’d go to jail………….

    Pesky Emotional Republican

  3. dyeve Says:

    August 12, 2009 at 1:39 pm e

    Rate This

    hahahaha!..cool picts..I like verry much picts, nr.4-5-6..GRATZ! man..well done..smiles

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