Fort Hood or Camp David?

I submit for your perusal a timeline:

November 5th, 2009 –

1:30 pm local time, a US soldier in his army uniform enters the Soldier Readiness Center. He is armed with two non-military issue pistols, including a semi-automatic.

During approximately the next 10 minutes he kills 13 people consisting of 12 soldiers and one civilian. He additionally injures 38 other people.

3:57 pm local time, the spokesman for Fort Hood military base announces that the gunman has been shot dead. This is later found to be incorrect.

At this time, Fort Hood is shut down with nobody being allowed in or out due to an extensive search for further suspects.

4:06 pm local time, President Barack Obama addresses the incident only after some light hearted bantering and an actual “shout out” to Medal of Freedom winner Dr. Joe Medicine Crow in which he mistakenly calls a “Congressional Medal of Honor winner.” He then recognizes other people in attendance before finally offering a short, meager statement of the tragedy at Fort Hood, calling it a “horrific outburst of violence.”

4:30 pm local time, Officials reveal the identity of the shooter as Army Major Nidal Malik Hassan, aged 39.

6:30 pm local time, Fort Hood declared safe.

7:00 pm local time, Lt. General Cone announces Major Hasan is alive and describes him as the only gunman. He further states that Major Hasan was shot four times by a female officer who was injured as well. Hasan is reported as being in a hospital, on a ventilator, in stable condition under armed guard.

9:00 pm local time, Fort Hood opened up, under very high security.

November 7th, 2009 –

11:25 am Washington DC local time, President Obama addresses the House Democratic Caucus at the Cannon House Office Building

2:30 pm Washington DC local time, President Obama makes a statement to the press on Health Care in the Rose Garden

2:45 pm Washington DC local time, President Obama and the First Lady depart for Camp David from the South Lawn of the White House

Sometime during the day on Saturday, November 7th, 2009 President George W. Bush and Laura Bush arrive at Fort Hood. They had contacted the base commander and asked that their visit be kept unannounced to the press. The former President and First Lady spent several hours with the victims and their families of the Fort Hood massacre.

This, ladies and gentlemen is the way a true Commander-in-Chief acts. No press, no photo ops, just time spent helping the victims and their families come to terms with the tragedy that has befallen them. He did not give a shout out to anyone. He did not identify his cronies that were in the room. He did not arrange a photo op of his actions as did Obama at Dover when the bodies of our brave men and women were coming home in caskets. He did not pander to anyone or any group. No sir. Our former President G. W. Bush and his wife, Laura Bush did what our present Commander-in-Chief should have done. He spent time with the victims instead of heading off to Camp David for the weekend.

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2 comments on “Fort Hood or Camp David?

  1. I know there is a “razor” warning against attributing to malice that which can be explained by incompetence. But as the evidence mounts I have no doubt that everything His Wholly Reluctance does is intentionally designed to destroy this nation.

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