Congress rips Gore a new one

This is priceless and speaks for itself…



7 comments on “Congress rips Gore a new one

  1. Lets see totally taken out of context since it did not cover the complete questioning from other representatives.

    Lets see we have more than double our population from 3 billion in the 70’s to almost 7 billion today. You don’t think that has an impact.
    We have the Pacific Garbage Island in the pacific ocean full of million of tons of plastic which are killing fish, marine life and birds. It is also killing the plankton which we get 70% of our oxygen from. Baby when that plankton is gone so are we. We have created massive deforestation around the world which has created dought condition. We pollute the air daily and have increase of asthma and other health condition as well. WE human are creating mass extinction of other species of 150 a day, due to deforestation, our population increase, the Pacific as well as the Alantic Garbage Island. The oxygen is the oceans are lessen do to all the pollution. WE have had a drought in the southwest US for years now. When we run out of water it ain’t going to be pretty. WE use pesticides on our plants that are killing many bugs, animals and ourselves. If we kill off the bees we kill ourselves since they pollinate the plants. No plants no food. WE are endangering the bats that eat their body weigh in mosquitos daily so we will an increase in malaria in the US. Time to stop laughing and stating only opinions and time to be stewarts to this little planet we live on. I see you don’t have a solution that the only thing you can do is critize. When it get bad you will be saying why didn’t someone do something. Well we tried and people like you stopped it.

    • @owl…I guess being a moonbat means that you don’t know the basic rules of grammar or spelling. (dought?? or did you mean drought?)

      Anyway, your rant proves nothing other than you far left lunacy. There is no such thing as man made global warming. Our planet has warmed and cooled for millennia, long before man was even present on it. In fact, CO2 levels are now at some of the lowest in the last 454 million years. They were much higher in times past when man either was not present or was not burning fossil fuels. Go to youtube and search, “John Coleman, global warming.”

      Do I care about my planet? Of course, but the point of this video is to show the ways that Gore lies to suit his needs. When he left office as Vice President, he was worth about $2 million, now his net worth is valued at $100 million. How? Because he has invested and developed companies that participate in “global warming credits.” THAT is why he pushes AGW. And weak minded sheep like you follow him without critical thought or healthy skepticism.

      I feel sorry for you, owl.

    • Thanks none, it is hilarious, although I didn’t do the editing. But more importantly it demonstrates the deceit and ridiculousness of the whole AGW movement.

  2. I cannot even brin myself to listen to Captain Carbon’s repeated blathering that “there is consensus” and the “science is settled.”

    NO tropical warm spot…NO melting ice caps…NO rising sea levels. The only thing rising is the back accounts of Carbon Come thieves.

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