Blogger Debate Series Continued – Third Party Viability question 2 rebuttal

The question in this part of the continuing third party viability debate is:

Is a third-party vote “wasted?” If so, how? If not, why?”

I want to say that I have enjoyed debating scratcher. He is passionate about what he believes and makes excellent points. Scratcher has his rebuttal up at his blog, so now I will respond.

Here in part is what scratcher said:

“I guess if you want to believe in changing the Party, a third party vote may seem like a waste. But if you’re like me and believe the Party can’t – or rather won’t – be changed, then a third party may be the only way to go. It’s got to come down to what you want to stand for come election day…”

Okay, if you only want to look at this topic via what it means to you, personally then yes; I agree with scratcher. Voting for a third party is what you need to do; which goes to the original point I made that a vote cast is not a vote wasted. But does that vote cast do anything to keep the liberal statists from advancing their agenda? It isn’t just that you vote for a third party, it is what your vote does to aid the opposition. To this, scratcher said:

“Realistically, we can only be thankful right now that the progressives haven’t been able to force their agenda of change on the schedule they’d hoped to. A bottom-up infiltration of an unwilling and aware entity could take decades… if it succeeds at all.”

Well I would only mention Woodrow Wilson at this juncture. Since his Presidency, statism has been on the march; slowly in general, sudden at times, but steadily ‘progressing’ on our society. Statism has long been pushed by the left, it isn’t an invention of Barack Obama and even though it will take decades, we need to start somewhere. We can no longer let statism go unchecked, for as we have seen of late, the far left in the Democratic Party will stop at virtually nothing to foist their socialist agenda upon the American people. That is why voting for a third party in the general Presidential election would be nothing short of disastrous for the conservative cause.

Scratcher also said:

“I think it proves instead the point I’m trying to make. The trouble with NY-23 wasn’t knowledgeable voters resisting a RINO liberal and breaking for the third party candidate. The problem was an arrogant Republican Party that ignored those voters, then sent Newt Gingrich to tell the common folk what was best for them. Had the Republican establishment thrown their support behind the popular and desired conservative candidate, Hoffman and the GOP would have both won – as would the voters.”

First of all, Newt Gingrich noted his mistake in supporting Dede Scozzafava in a meeting with Tea Partiers in New Hampshire:

“Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says that he was wrong to endorse Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava in last November’s special election in New York’s 23rd District.

At the time, as a party builder and someone who has always been trying to help build the party, it struck me that she was the local nominee. She turned out to be a huge disappointment. And she turned out not to be frankly a loyal Republican,” Gingrich added. Responding to those critical of his endorsement, “And I think that those folks have the better of that argument.

And secondly, I think that what we need to remember here is that the Republican National Committee, according to their bylaws are prohibited from getting involved in the picking and choosing of a local candidate. Once a candidate has been chosen, the RNC can throw its support behind that person, but they cannot select candidates. This was a local problem made by Chicago style backroom deals and would probably not ever have been noticed in a different election cycle; which is only more proof that the Tea Party Movement is effective as it stands. Without their involvement this past year, you would not have seen the amazing election results in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Something else that scratcher said really hit me:

“That’s what it’s coming to for me. I’m going to vote for the person I think is best for the job, and never mind the Party choices. Will it reform the Republicans? I doubt it. But if they lose enough elections due to independent-minded conservatives like myself breaking for the third party, perhaps they’ll start looking for more appropriate candidates.

Wow. Obamacare, Cap and Tax, Card Check, Amnesty for Illegals – I can only ask, does anyone think that we can afford to lose enough elections due to independent-minded conservatives voting for third party candidates to force a change in the GOP that way? Personally, I don’t want to take that chance.

We have, coming up in the next two election cycles, a once in a lifetime chance to effect change in the Republican Party. The Tea Party Movement has sent a clear message that the electorate is fed up with the big government, out of control spending ways that the GOP fell into. Rasmussen says that the GOP is enjoying an unprecedented lead in the generic congressional ballot survey:

“Evidence is mounting that adopting Obamacare over sustained and vocal public opposition to government-run health care could lead to an electoral catastrophe for Democrats, as they fall 10 points behind Republicans in Rasmussen’s generic congressional ballot survey.

The survey measures which party candidate for Congress voters intend to vote for in the November congressional election.

Rasmussen notes that: “The two parties were very close on the Generic Ballot throughout the spring of 2009, but in late June – around the same time Democrats began their campaign for health care reform — Republicans pulled ahead for good.”

If the GOP still has a double digit lead come November, the party will regain control of both houses of Congress with significant majorities.

For a little perspective, the GOP only held a 4 point lead in 1995, one year AFTER the Contract with America. Presently we are eight months away from the mid term elections. To waste this lead on the idea that we should hitch our horse to a third party wagon will only get us stuck in the mire of a fractured conservative vote while the far left in the Democratic Party continue on down the road to their socialist utopia.


6 comments on “Blogger Debate Series Continued – Third Party Viability question 2 rebuttal

  1. “We can no longer let statism go unchecked”

    If this is your primary concern, then you should definitely be voting third party. Because there is only one ruling party in the United States, the Democratic-Republican Party. Freedom and independence begins with freedom and independence from the Republican and Democratic Parties.

  2. And in the meantime, by voting third party in general presidential elections, if said voting block fractures the GOP, then you are in favor of letting the far left advance their socialistic programs?

    Then you, d.eris are in favor of statism.

    Tell me how do we get from where we are to a working, safe for our liberties three party system?

  3. I like your site — great images of our wonderful troops — BUT really I can hardly read a thing you write and I have good color vision. Blue text and a dark sea-green and black background? Please reconsider this — these issues are too important to let optional logistic impediments intrude! Thanks!

    • @Fargo…Yes, I know. I was playing around with the themes the other day and haven’t figured out how to go back to my old layout. This is temporary as I look for a new theme, but thank you for your input.

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