Blogger Debate Series Continued – Third Party Viability question 2

The question in this part of the continuing third party viability debate is:

“Is a third-party vote “wasted?” If so, how? If not, why?”

This question is trickier to answer than it appears. Because it assumes that any vote could be wasted. The simple answer to that question is, “No, a vote that is cast is never wasted.” To vote is to speak your conscience, to announce your choice for the candidate you want to represent you in public office. So in the purest sense, a vote cast is never a vote wasted, even if cast on a candidate you are sure won’t win; third party or no.

Now if the question presented were to ask, “Is a vote for a third party what is needed to, A. send a message to D.C. and B. the way to get our country back on track to the principles and concepts of our founding?” In that case the answer would be a resounding “No!” Why you ask? The answer lies in what the electorate wishes to accomplish. Change of ‘regime,’ be it Democrat OR Republican; or more specifically, change of ideology in either party can only come about via infiltration and usurpation of said party. You cannot effect change by presenting a third party. You can go on all day how the Republicans blew it after they took power in the ‘90s, and I will not argue with you on that point. They did blow it, big time. At first, they were gang busters, presenting America with a balanced budget four years in a row, but in due time, the temptations of power caught up with them. But is the answer to this really the development of a new political party?

Even a viable third party would only offer that a new kid on the block, once in power would succumb to the temptations and vices that both the Democrats and Republicans have in the past. As I stated in the first part of this debate, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

That being said, we are left with two options:

  1. Conservatives need to take back control of the GOP
  2. We, the Conservative electorate need to remain vigilant and hold our party to the highest standards and keep them on track to the road of smaller government and more individual liberties

This is by far, the hardest path to carve in today’s political landscape, but as my Dad once told me, doing the right thing is rarely the easy thing. It is much easier to sit back and take the populist route by spouting third party rhetoric and trying to capture the energy of the Tea Party Movement that is present in America right now, bending it to your will. The Tea Party’s power lies not in it being a third political party, but as a wake up call to the powers that be in the Republican Party. So far it is working. If you want proof of the power of the Tea Party, then look to the recent elections in Virginia, New Jersey and especially in Massachusetts. THAT is where the power of the Tea Party lies, in motivating the moderate Democrat and Independent voters to make choices for conservative candidates.

Lastly let me say that if people want third party choices, then let those choices be in the primaries. For then you don’t have to worry about splitting the vote and this might be the only viable way a third party could work in this country. A healthy, robust primary race with Republican and third party candidates could put a fine point on the message we need to send to D.C. Mounting a third party in the general presidential election would only serve to spell disaster for the conservative movement in America.



5 comments on “Blogger Debate Series Continued – Third Party Viability question 2

  1. The only “wasted vote” is a vote for a Republican or a Democrat because a vote for a Democrat or Republican is a vote for the reproduction of the two-party state and duopoly system of government. Freedom and independence today begins with freedom and independence from the Democratic-Republican two-party state and duopoly system of government.

  2. @d.eris…I hear what you are saying, but a vote for a third party of any kind in the general election will not get you the results you want. If you are asking me if the country would thrive or the political system would be any better, any more transparent or ethical under a three party system, then my answer would be no. It would not. The inherent temptations to the party in power would still be there. Just creating a new, third party is not the answer to the political ills of our society. What we need to do is take back the GOP with good, steady, limited government conservatives and thereby you have a vehicle to effect the type of change needed.

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  4. Well said. I like the point of voting third party in primaries. Similar to our recent Republican primary here in Texas with Medina, Perry and Hutchison. While not technically third party, Medina was definitely Libertarian leaning within the Republicans and as you say, sent a message.

    Will be linking this shortly.

    • Exactly, third parties in primaries make sense. However a third party in a general election would wreak havoc with our society.

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