Hermain Cain Educates Clinton on Economics in 1994 HC Town Hall Forum

I found this video on a great conservative blog – Pesky Emotional Republican

In April 1994, Bill Clinton was stumping for his health-care bill, when Herman Cain debated the president’s claim that restaurateurs would bear only a marginal new cost. Herman said that the bill would force Godfather’s to fire part of its workforce. Clinton disagreed and said that Cain would only have to raise pizza prices by 2 percent. Insisting that Clinton was incorrect, Cain wouldn’t give in. He told Clinton, “I’d had my financial people run the numbers”. Clinton then asked Herman to send the numbers to him and he would have his advisers go over them.

The next day Herman Cain did send the numbers to the White House and he also submitted an oped piece to the Wall Street Journal. The Journal published them, and after Clinton’s plan collapsed, Newsweek identified Cain as one of its “saboteurs”—a badge of honor, especially among conservatives today. Later Hilary Clinton would say the Clinton administration could not be held responsible for every under-capitalized small business in America.

I came away from this video with two things in mind:


1. President Clinton showed Mr. Cain respect. Even when he made a joke about being his best customer, President Clinton quieted the crowd, reminding them that Mr. Cain had brought up a very important point. You just wouldn’t see Obama acting that way.


2. President Clinton knew his facts and figures. Although he was ultimately wrong about the impact of Hillarycare on Mr. Cain’s business, he did come across like he knew what he was talking about. No teleprompters, no stuttering um’s and uh’s.



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