It’s “Everyone Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day!” How Kimberlin Operates

~ Hat Tip to Conservative Hideout 2.0 ~

We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.
Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father, United States of America

That quote is most appropriate today, and dozens of bloggers unite to raise awareness regarding the activities, past and present, of Brett Kimberlin. As it has been noted, Kimberlin has been threatening (via the legal system, to the best of my knowledge), any blogger that discusses his criminal history. At the time of this writing, Robert Stacey McCain, and family, are in hiding due harassment by Kimberlin. And, as Franklin suggested, we are uniting in common cause, as if we allow thuggish behavior to silence one of us, and another, and another, it is only matter of time before we are all silenced. What happens to Stacey McCain today, can happen to me tomorrow, or Bob Belvedere, or Gator Doug, or King Shamus, or Zilla, so I am doing my part to make sure that this harassment and intimidation is exposed for all to see.

As Stacey McCain points out, this isn’t about him. It’s about Kimberlin. So, to illustrate the alleged current activities of the convicted bomber, I am going to cover the story of Aaron Walker, who has suffered considerable disruption to his life due to Kimberlin.

Starting on January 9, 2012, Brett Kimberlin actually attempted to frame me for a crime. He falsely accused me of essentially beating him up inside the courthouse for the Montgomery County Circuit Court, in Rockville, Maryland. He has claimed at different times that I decked him, that I struck him three times, that I wrestled with him, that I pushed him, that courtroom staff separated us, that the sheriff’s deputies separated us, and that even after the deputies arrived that I kept coming at him repeatedly and had to be restrained.
What didn’t occur to him was that there was a security camera that captured what really happened in the courthouse that day. I have the footage and I have included it in a long post that tells the whole story of how I came to be there that day and what really happened. You will read with your own eyes the transcripts and documents in which he claimed I beat him up, and then you will see the footage that proves that this was a fabrication. I have even created a video comparing his description of what happened to the video footage, piece-by-piece. In other words, you won’t have to believe my word on this. You will only have to believe your eyes.
But the post will also tell you the harrowing story of the damage this man has done to my life. He did more than just lie about what happened. This convicted document-forger produced fake photographs of his supposed injuries and even fake medical records. And using that falsified evidence and his lies, he convinced the Montgomery County State’s Attorney to maintain second degree assault charges against me for over two months—with a punishment of up to ten years in prison, if convicted—taking it so close to trial that I was forced to take the time and expense of preparing much of my defense. He has cost me and my wife our jobs because our workplace was frightened that this violent bomber might show up at work. After all, he had published my home address and work address in court filings, for no reason other than to harass me. He has obtained a peace order (similar to a restraining order) against me in part for supposed “harassment” for having told the truth about him on this blog. And you will learn that after the video emerged, the charges were dropped and the peace order was dismissed on appeal.
And you will learn that once I had the video, I came to the State’s Attorney’s office for Montgomery County, Maryland. I showed them, as I am about to show you, how Kimberlin lied repeatedly under oath in his attempt to frame me. I documented it meticulously, as I will for you. And I demanded justice. And they refused to provide it for me; they blew me off.

You can see that Walker has done his homework, and if you go the full post (which is broken into sections) you will see court documents, videos, and transcripts of testimony. All of them, according to Walker, display a pattern of deceit and harassment that borders on obscene. I would encourage you to go and read it fully.
Additionally, there have been more developments. After the charges against Walker were dropped, and the peace order was dismissed, Kimberlin has taken even more legal actions…

Here’s a screencap from the Maryland Judiciary Case Search:

(Open the image in a new window to see it more clearly)

So here we go again. His abuse of the legal system continues. This is plainly in retaliation for my post exposing with video and documentary evidence, his recent criminal attempt to frame me for a crime.
Bluntly, this is illegal under the Peace Order statute. The court would have to find I did some kind of physical act against him, or that I stalked him or something like that. I have not even been in Maryland for well over a week and I simply put have never done anything to put him in reasonable fear of his life. I haven’t even seen him outside of court. I can’t say I have never been in his presence because somehow he or one of his allies has snapped a picture of me surreptitiously, so maybe he was nearby and I didn’t know. But I know I was never knowingly in his presence in the last 30 days.

So then, even when the first peace order is thrown out, another one is filed.
For me, I see this as a part of an overall pattern. If one wants to silence another, and they sought to use the legal system as a weapon, one might just keep filing frivolous legal actions in an effort to drain the resources of their target. If you, me, or any other “regular” citizen are targeted in such a way, it wouldn’t be too long before our resources would be drained. Walker lost his job, as did his wife. Then, the legal filings kept on coming. That would be too much for many people, and they would likely throw in the towel, and try to pick up the pieces of their lives. And that is the main intent. People that speak out and put forward inconvenient truths are to be attacked until they are silenced.
We know that the left goes to the judicial system when reality doesn’t agree with them. Kimberlin is no different in that regard. So, we have to be aware of this type of activity. With this being an election year, and bloggers are doing so much in terms of covering what the MSM ignores, the take-down of bloggers would be a great way to distract from those efforts. Am I necessarily convinced that this will become a common tactic? I’m not sure. But, we need to track people like Kimberlin, and other felons, convicted or otherwise, that have learned to use the legal system to attack and punish anyone that points out their past or present activities.