Obamacare summed up in ONE sentence.

Dr. Barbara Bellar Candidate for Illinois State Senate, District 18 sums up Obamacare in one sentence. She says:

I am a candidate running against the Chicago Machine and I could use your help! With the national attention I am receiving from this video you know that the Chicago Machine will be even more motivated to defeat me. So if you could please go to website http://electbellar.com and click the donate button. If you could please send me a donation of any size it would be greatly appreciated. And know that your donation will go to defeat the Chicago Machine.

Checks can be sent to Citizens to Elect Barbara Bellar – PO Box 557766, Chicago, IL 60655.

To view my complete speech go to

Follow my mobile campaign by texting “Bellar” to 90210.

I wish I could vote for this lady, she is exactly the type of citizen politician our Founding Fathers envisioned.


Obama’s CMS Nominee Loves the NHS

Chairman, err I Mean President Obama has struck again. He has dipped into the Marxist pool and pulled out yet another nominee to be placed in a position of power; this time over elderly and disabled Americans who rely on Medicare and Medicaid for their healthcare. This man is named Donald Berwick and he is an Ivy League academic who has three degrees from Harvard. He founded a think-tank based in Cambridge called the Institute for Health Care Improvement, or IHI. His favorite health care governing body seems to be the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK. He even worked on the NHS under Tony Blair and now, if confirmed by the Senate, he gets to implement ideas garnered in his experiences there.

Now before anyone starts throwing bricks at me for calling this learned man a Marxist, let me just point you to what it says in Wikipedia about him:

“Berwick, a Marxist, graduated with a B.A. from Harvard College, and received …”


He said the following in a speech in 2009:

Any health care funding plan that is just equitable civilized and humane must, must redistribute wealth from the richer among us to the poorer and the less fortunate. Excellent healthcare is by definition redistributional.


NICE is extremely effective and a conscientious, valuable, and — importantly — knowledge-building system [which has] developed very good and very disciplined, scientifically grounded, policy-connected models for the evaluation of medical treatments from which we ought to learn.


I am romantic about the NHS; I love it. All I need to do to rediscover the romance is to look at health care in my own country.

Full Speech – (click on the link entitled: “Speech Don Berwick”)

We all know enough about the horror stories of government run health care and the rationing that goes along with it to be very afraid of someone with this mentality to be in charge of my healthcare.

Now to be fair, it appears that Mr. Berwick has a reputation as someone who has been able to improve the quality of healthcare at some hospitals around the country. In 2007, he won the Purpose Prize for “enlisting wide-scale cooperation and scientifically-proven protocols to help hospitals improve care and save more than 100,000 lives.”


That being said, he may have improved the quality of health providers within our healthcare industry, but that doesn’t mean he is a good choice to run our healthcare industry.

This is just another one of Obama’s radical associates who has been hand picked to push his radical agenda. So if you are against having a Marxist in charge of Medicare and Medicaid, please contact your Senator.

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